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One of the main activities of Bari Partners is trading ferrous and non-ferrous metals as intermediate goods, and finished goods globally.  

Through its international established relationships with leading metal industries, minings and traders, Bari Partners is able to identify and procure the right products to meet international standards or customer's specific requirements.  

Our experienced logistic professionals ensure the products arrive on time in the most efficiency way for the most affordable prices. We undertake either short-term or long-term commitments, depending upon the needs of our customers and partners. 

Our trading metal products are listed below as:


Copper Cathode

Copper cathode is the primary raw material input to produce copper rods for the wire and cable industry, copper tubes for consumer durable goods and it is used in other many industries 


Aluminum is a soft, lightweight, silvery, and recyclable metal. Aluminium alloys are widely used in the fields of electronic technology, automotive body structure, wind and solar energy management, high-rise buildings, household and industrial appliances etc. 


Zinc is the third most used non-ferrous metal after aluminium and copper. It is mostly used in zinc galvanizing, which is the process of adding thin layers of zinc to iron or steel to prevent rusting. Beside that is it also used in automobiles, electrical components, household fixtures and other sectors. 


Lead is used for car batteries and a major ingredient of lead acid batteries, pigments, ammunition, cable sheathing, lead crystal glass etc. 

Steel Billet

Steel billet is the product of melting iron ore or scrap iron and it is a semi-finished casting product, typically molded into a rectangular, hexagonal or round cross section. Their final products include bars, rods, tubes, channels and wires. 


Rebars (reinforcing bars) are also known as long products, usually of round, square, rectangular or have a hexagonal cross section.  It is mostly used in construction of buildings, however, according to their shapes and size they can also be used in different places.

Long Products

Our long steel product section includes different types of steel structural section such as Channels, I-Beams, L-Beams, L-Angles, T-Bars, Wide Flanges, Sheet Piles, Pipes and HSS. We can provides sizes as per varied requirements and have delivery mechanism in place.

Wire Rods

Wire Rod is used for many products. It is the raw material for the wire drawing units. Different uses for the wire rod include wire ropes, springs, electrodes, barbed wires, wire mesh, fasteners, automobile components and hardware manufacturers


Flat steel products are rolled from slabs to form sheets and plates. They are used in a wide range of industries such as construction, automobile, shipbuilding, and domestic appliances. We could provide Hot Rolled Sheets, Cold Rolled Sheets, Hot Rolled Coils, and Cold Rolled Coils. 

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