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BARI PARTNERSis a group of companies with specialized units in trade, logistics, railway construction, information technology, consulting and engineering. We differentiate ourselves by committing to long-term business relationships with our diverse stakeholders.BP Railwaysupplies railway contractors with rails, rail joints, concrete sleepers, trusses, etc. Including construction materials and provides engineering services such as flash mob rail welding and others.BP International Trading Companyactively supplies a wide variety of raw materials and finished products, such as construction and railway building materials, basic and finished metals, petroleum products, fertilizers, rubber and agricultural products.BP Logisticscompany provides international logistics services between European, Central Asian and Southeast Asian countries, whether by rail (wagon and container), by road and mixed transportation, in line with the demands of our customers.Our international trade and logistics experts work hard to provide the highest quality products and service to our customers around the ...
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